Tag General Air Transport Spa

Air Service
Tag General Air Transport S.p.A. provides suitable service for every need, offering a wide range of dedicated services, supported by selected airlines and partners around the world.
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Sea Freight Service
Tag General Air Transport S.p.A can perform sea freight services import&export to and from avery destination. TAG relies on top quality lines that assure direct services to the main ports, as well as combined solutions reaching every corner of six continents.
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Special Services
Tag General Air Transport S.p.A serves as your partner in trasportation of large and complicated shipments. Services include long-term or short-term projects. Wheter you are moving an art exhibit from Shanghai to Chicago or industrial turbines in Mexico City.
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Founded in 1984, TAG GENERAL AIR TRANSPORT S.p.a. prises decades of experience in air and sea Import and Export organization.

TAG has always been a reliable partner for the most complex and particular transports as well as for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR, DGR, IMO), and it’s able to reach every part of the world, thanks to the widespread presence of its agents, as well as being a WCA official member. It also manages dedicated express transport by truck, on Italian and European area.

Its highly competent, qualified and professional staff, collaborates with selected international airlines and partners.

Without ever overshadowing the care and assistance of its customers, TAG offers a punctual, clear and personalized service, taking care of the goods from collection to delivery.

Solidity, professionalism and knowledge of the markets are the basis of its decades success and uniqueness.

TAG- Italia

All over the world

We have a network of agencies in 50 countries around the world

24/7 support

You will always find a representative who can help you

Accuracy and precision

We guarantee precise services and high standards of services

Goods storage

In addition to shipping, we offer warehousing and packaging services

Online Tracking

You will always know where your shipment is

Insured shipments

All goods are insured against damage or other

Trasporti marittimi TAG ITALIA

Tag General Air Transport S.p.A

We manage all sales conditions (according to Incoterms 2020) having care from EXW collection to the final recipient delivery, including custom clearance. Our staff is highly specialized so as to offer a high standard of service: for this reason we can count on a first-class client portfolio of primary international importance. Thanks to our great flexibility, TAG services can be adapted to any kind of need, to both large industrial companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. Our consolidated know-how embraces all sectors, from heavy industry to electronics, from fashion to the pharmaceutical sector, as well as controlled temperature shipments of dangerous good handling.

Our offices

Our Headquarter is located in Bologna, next to the airport, where our qualified operational, commercial and administrative staff is constantly committed to guaranteeing the best standard of service. Our warehouse has 24-hour surveillance, modern equipment for air pallet construction and the filling of sea containers, as well as a fleet of vehicles for national collections and deliveries. Milan operative and sales branch is located in the industrial area of Segrate, a few minutes away from Milan Linate Airport, where we have a well trained staff for goods logistics and handling, internal customs and multi-day shuttles to Malpensa Airport. On April 1st 2023 we inaugurated our new branch office in Vicenza, not too far from Venice port and airport. The presence of our authorized representatives at all Italian and European ports and airports guarantees an efficient procedure and a prompt local action.

Trasporti marittimi TAG ITALIA
Agencies’ Network in 50 countries around the world to guarantee a door-to-door service. This allows us a widespread coverage in the Far East (especially China and India). We can offer targeted assistance to companies that already have a presence on these markets, but also to those who are opening up new traffic to these destinations.

Our offices
TAG General Air Transport S.P.A.