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Cool Chain Solutions

Many food products that we daily use, arrive fresh every day from all over the world. Transporting these goods is an operation that requires a series of actions aimed at achieving a single goal: transporting perishable products at the perfect temperature. The commitment we take on when you entrust us your shipments is exactly do not interrupting the “Cold Chain”. We use specific data loggers, in order to monitor and ensure that the temperature of the goods does not undergo any variation during all phases of transport.

Dangerous Goods

The IATA Dangerous Goods regulation establish which goods can be sent by air, their label criteria, all the documents required for transportation, the type of packaging, and the maximum quantity transportable for each package. The failure to comply with these rules can lead to large fines and, in extreme cases, a jail sentence.

Our staff is trained and qualified for Dangerous Goods handling and we care on your goods, from the pickup up to the delivery, entrusting highly specialized carriers. We prepare packags and labels activities directly in our warehouse, according to legislation. Additionally, we issue all the necessary documentation, like Shipper Declaration and IMO Declaration.

Fashion division

Our personnel has a proven experience in the Made in Italy luxury-goods export management. We only use high quality air carriers, reducing theft risks or shipments delayed. We well know, how important is a fast  distribution and the goods integrity, providing to our customer the best possible service.

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