Packing Service

Transport is a very delicate phase for the goods. For this reason, making the right packaging is an extremely important and demanding operation that must be well organized also in anticipation of possible physical or chemical unforeseen events: sudden changes in temperature, oxidation, condensation, water vapour, action of the brackish air, heat, cold, sunlight, water or impact.

This is why at TAG, thanks to a specialized team, we take care of the study, design and development of the packaging, carried out on the basis of the nature, size and weight of the goods, also considering the degree of resistance to physical stress, thinking to all the stages envisaged during transport, optimizing the load and the spaces occupied.

We design and develop packaging in cases, crates or cages, tailored and for containers. We use bags in “barrier coupled” envelopes as well as packaging with a heat-shrinkable polyethylene covering system. We also combine the use of VCI or other nylons together with special protective nets.

Whether it is an air, sea or road transport of large, fragile or dangerous goods, we offer the most suitable solution to protect the integrity of the goods as much as possible up to the final destination.